Shirely at Book Signing About Dr. Shirley J.Vaughn, Prophetic Speaker

Dr. Shirley Vaughn is the author of “God’s March to the New Jerusalem” and a public speaker on the subject of God’s plan and Biblical prophecy and it’s presence on modern times. She worked on her book for over 15 years and it was initially her masters thesis…but her professors had others ideas and advised it was PhD level work.

Shirley enjoys sharing her own unique insight about her topic and provides anyone attending food for thought and a different perspective.

Her topics cross and encompass all faiths and are appropriate for any congregation, university, motivational, or inspirational event.

Media Interviews

Interview on Christian Radio

Interview on Valley Voices

Speaking at Salmon Creek Retirement Center
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Dr. Shirley J. Vaughn can speak at your church, organization, or event about the following:

  • Inspiration: Dr. Vaughn can share the story of her own journey over decades and through disability as an inspiration for others to be open to God’s guidance, to have faith in God’s plan, and to understand and translate God’s message in the Bible as it relates to the world today
  • Book Reading and Prophetic Insight: If your church or organization has an upcoming event which will focus on specific scriptures, Dr. Vaughn can create a presentation tailored to this scripture using excerpts from her book and her own prophetic insight as it relates to God’s plan and the world today
  • Bible Study: Dr. Vaughn can present during your Bible study class or group, using her book ‘God’s March to the New Jerusalem’ to provide a better understanding of Bible, its chronological events, and what God’s plan is.


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