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The Garden of Eden and Mankind's New Home in It 12:00 AM on Monday, Apr 8th, 2013

The Garden of Eden and Mankind's New Home in It

Gen 1:26-30 Gen 2:7-17 Gen 5:1-2 Gen 5:1-2 Gen 3:20 Gen 1:28-31 Gen 2:18-25 Gen 2:1 John 1:3
On the sixth day, God created man in His image. Man was made up of three parts, a body, a soul (seat of his emotions) and his spirit (the breath of life from God). Man was formed from the dust of the ground and God breathed into him the breath of life and he became a living soul. God...
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Creation 12:00 AM on Sunday, Apr 7th, 2013


Gen 1:2-26, Gen 2:7, Gen 5:1
The earth was created in six literal days or 24 hours. Remember God is the creator. He was there before everything began. Day 1 ~ God Created and separated light (Day) from Darkness (night) Day 2 ~ God separated the waters on earth from the waters above the earth Day 3 ~ God separated the dry land (earth from...
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First Created Beings 12:00 AM on Saturday, Apr 6th, 2013

First Created Beings

Isaiah 14:12-17, Ezekiel 28:13-18, Gen 1:2, Jeremiah 4:23-26, Isaiah 45:18
God's first creations were the angels who were created to worship and love him. They were created with a free will. The first created beings were the angels. Lucifer was the head angel and leader of the worship of God. He was a beautiful angel. He staged a rebellion with 1/3 of the heavenly host. Lucifer wanted to be...
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Pre-Existent Christ 12:00 AM on Friday, Apr 5th, 2013

Pre-Existent Christ

Jesus was at the beginning. He was with God. He is God. He was in existence before the earth and universe were in existence. Before anything existed, He existed. That is quite a concept. Are you able to fully grasp this idea? We don't know when the beginning began, but we can tell that it was prior to the...
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12:00 AM on Friday, Mar 16th, 2012

An Invitation No One Should Refuse

Enoch was the great, great, great, great grandson of Seth, Adam and Eve’s third son. It was when Seth’s son Enosh was born that people first began to worship the Lord God by name (Genesis 4:26). Several generations later, we see people are still worshiping God. Enoch was 65 years old when his son Methuselah was born; and after...
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