The Garden of Eden and Mankind's New Home in It

12:00 AM on Monday, Apr 8th, 2013

Garden of EdenOn the sixth day, God created man in His image. Man was made up of three parts, a body, a soul (seat of his emotions) and his spirit (the breath of life from God). Man was formed from the dust of the ground and God breathed into him the breath of life and he became a living soul.

God created man to have dominion over all the animals and also the earth. He was appointed to be a steward of the planet and take care of it with all of its creatures.

God gave man a beautiful garden to live in. He gave Adam a job to do. He was to take care of the garden. Later God gave Adam a wife to be his companion. She was created out of Adams rib. She was called Eve because she was the mother of all living.

God is so good! He created the world with all of its animal and plants as well as the heavenly host to give the world warmth and light. God had prepared all of these things for creatures as well as His jewel of creation, Mankind. God was so kind that He had given Adam and Eve a wonderful home with plenty of food and water as well as a beautiful Garden of Eden to live in and to take care of.

Things to think about

  • God cares for each of us. Are you thankful for what the Lord has given you?
  • How about the home or shelter that you have?
  • Are you thankful for the food and water that you drink?
  • Are thankful for the air you breathe?
  • Are you thankful for the gift of life that God has given you?
  • Are you thankful for your family?

God has given you all of these gifts. He is the one who gives great gifts.

Sometimes we have a relative that drive us crazy. Do you still love them with God’s love and pray for them anyway even if they mistreat you? Do you pray that God will change your heart attitude in dealing with them?

From the beginning God meant for us to do work. He gave us work to do for our good. Adam had a job as soon as he was created.

Are you thankful for the daily jobs or chores that you have to do? God does not want us to be stressed. Give your daily grind to Him so that He can help you. He will help you day by day and moment by moment even if you are bed ridden and in a lot of pain. You can pray to God for strength to get you through or to get a person you are concerned about through a situation or to turn to Jesus.

Navigating through the Bible on your own can be overwhelming at first and possibly confusing. We are here to guide you in this amazing journey. Feel free to share the answers to your questions above or your enlightened thought as we move through this journey together.

Dr. Shirley J Vaughn D. MIN.

Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous;
sing, all you who are upright in heart!
Psalm 32:11 NIV