Noah's Preparation for the Flood

12:00 AM on Monday, Apr 15th, 2013

Lamech called his first-born son Noah. He believed that through his son, God would bring relief to mankind from the hard work related to getting food from the earth. The earth was filled with thorns and thistles and did not yield as much produce as in the days of Eden. This was because of the sin of Adam and Eve.

After Noah was 500 years old, he had three sons named Shem, Ham and Japheth.

Noah lived at a time when civilization was so corrupt that there were sons of God who were fallen angels and who had fallen with Satan when he was kicked out of heaven. They were also known as the Nephilim. They were marrying the daughters of mankind. This was Satan's strategy to corrupt the human gene pool. Satan and his angels' strategy was to keep God from fulfilling his promised Messiah from coming to the earth and saving mankind from their sins. It was also used to keep God from giving his promised divine judgment against Satan and his angels.

This is the beginning of the war between God and his people and Satan and his fellow demons (bad angels). Noah's genealogy was perfect and not contaminated with the demonic mixture. He was also a righteous man. Noah found grace in God's eyes. So God choose Noah to be he instrument to fulfill his purpose and preserve a remnant of mankind.

God was providing a way for both man and beast, who would accept his solution, to be saved from the future disaster. This would be the destruction of the earth by a flood in a remodeled earth.

God commanded that Noah build the ark to house him and his family as well as anyone who would accept God's promises of safety in the ark and a chance for a new life.

Noah worked at building the ark for120 years. During this time he preached to his generation, but none would listen. The people just mocked him and thought that Noah was nuts. During those days the earth was watered by a mist. So the people had no concept of what rain was or what Noah meant when he said that God would destroy the earth by a flood. They did not believe God's promise as to his judgment of the coming flood to destroy the earth. The ark Noah was building was large enough to house both male and female of every creature that walked the earth as well as seven pairs of every clean creature. The ark was about the size of a football field. Noah also had enough food to take care of his family, which included his wife, sons and their wives as well as the animals aboard the ark. All who were aboard had a vegetation diet.

32 For waywardness kills the simple,
and the complacency of fools destroys them;
33 but those who listen to me will be secure
and will live at ease, without dread of disaster.
Proverbs 1:33 (NRSV)