About Dr. Shirley Vaughn and "God's March to the New Jerusalem"

Dr. Shirley Vaughn is a Christian author and speaker. Her goal is to reach young people and adults to help them to have a closer walk with God and His Word. She loves to share How the Bible and her relationship with Jesus Christ are key in her life.

She was chronically disabled for many years. God had other plans and his own purpose to use her in other ways. In spite of her disability, and with much prayer and guidance from God, she wrote this book "God's March to the New Jerusalem" to share God's hope to all mankind.

"God's March to the New Jerusalem" gives a better understanding of how God has worked through time to fulfill his plan which is to have a people who would love and obey Him willingly from their heart.

The theme of Dr. Shirley Vaughn's life and work is the importance is having a close relationship with God. So that you can live and face life's challenges with hope in spite of circumstances.

One of the highlights of Her life was a trip to Israel back in 1987. In December 1987. Shirley Vaughn had a chance to go to Israel and was able to see the Bible come alive by viewing the places where Jesus, the prophets and the Kings of Israel lived and died. She also had a chance to see the place where Solomon's Temple had been established. In 1987, she had the privilege of see the Mosque on the temple mount, which today, it is closed to those who are not Islamic. Dr. Shirley also saw the places where the end times battles will take place and the soon return of the Lord. This was very exciting.

Shirley Vaughn grew up in Southern California in a small family. Shirley says: "From the time I was little I've had a love for the Bible and received my first one when I was in the third grade." While in Jr. Collage, she had an encounter with the Lord and gave her heart and life to Him. Later she found a full time job and continued pursuing a B.A. in home economics at a local college. She met and married her husband, Greg in 1970. In spite of becoming disabled after her marriage., she continued her schooling and later graduated from Victory Christian Bible School in 1989 with a B.A. in Biblical studies. She later continued her education at Friends International Christian University with an emphasis in Old Testament studies.

When the time came for Dr. Shirley Vaughn to write her thesis, The Lord gave her a burden to write on the topic of tracing the places of worships through out history.. This topic would show how God searched for a people who would love Him and obey Him from their heart. When the thesis was completed, her Professor would not accept it as a Master's Thesis. He said it was a Doctorate because of all of the different subjects that were covered in this book. Dr. Shirley Vaughn received her Doctorate of Ministry in Religious Studies from Friends International Christian University on October 2008. Her topic and compilation of her Doctoral thesis was inspired by GOD.

This thesis was later turned into a book. "God's March to the New Jerusalem". This book has received the Christian Choice Book Awards on 2013.